Happy 90th!

April 30, 2009

I have wish I could have blogged daily about this road trip I have been on since Sunday.

But I have not

so here are some updates.

We stayed in Nashville with my mom’s best friend from highschool.

Great people, I really enjoyed staying with them.

I then visited my good friend Lauren Turner at Belmont.

Belmont is a funny place, I mocked it pretty hard, and I don’t really feel too bad about it.

Top 3 comments on Belmont:

1. “At Belmont shoes and showering are neither liberal, nor postmodern”

2. “What’s ice cream? We have gelato here.”

3. “Honda Elements 18, Longboards 11, Tom’s Shoes 27”

We finally arrived yesterday to my mom’s cousins house. It is huge and pretty all around great times. I have been learning a lot about family dynamics and it has been pretty cool experience. Many things are too personal to write on the internet, but what I can say is that this trip will make for some great papers for my Major.

Oh and today is my Great Aunt Georgia’s 90th Birthday!

How does she celebrate you ask?

Watching Xena Warrior Princess while walking an hour on the treadmill.

I hope you realize today that there is a future for you,

and  no matter what happens in that future,

life does not cease.  

Love always,


P.S. If you would like to see some pics from my travels or just get updates, http://www.twitter.com/abuchner


After seeing Death Cab last night in Tulsa, I was having trouble placing Chris Walla and who he resembled. Then it came to me (with help from my buddy Jay)

This is the process, which led to Walla.






Set list from the show:

  1. bixby canyon bridge
  2. the new year
  3. we laugh indoors 
  4. crooked teeth
  5. my mirror speaks 
  6. no sunlight
  7. company calls
  8.  title track
  9.  grapevine fires 
  10. i will possess your heart
  11.  i will follow you into the dark
  12.  title & registration
  13. cath…
  14. movie script ending
  15.  long division
  16.  sound of settling
  17.  marching bands of manhattan  
    1. little bribes, 
    2. soul meets body, 
    3. transatlanticism