Today was Tuesday.

On Tuesdays I get the opportunity to spend time with about 15 five and six year olds. I am in a class that requires a field study, and so every Tuesday I have gotten to form relationships with these students, and every Tuesday I get welcomed with loud shouts of my arrival.

I love it.

Today in group time, as we were all circled around the big blue carpet, the teacher was describing all the things the children were going to get to do. She was explaining the plan for the day.

Suddenly one of the boy’s hands shot up in the air.

Everyone got quiet as the teacher called his name

“I am a great painter.” he said boldly.

I would like to tell you that this was relevant to what the teacher was talking about

but it wasn’t

It was a statement, something that he almost needed to get out of him. Something that whether or not the world was listening, he needed them to hear, and so as the class quieted, he informed them that he was not just a painter, but a great painter.

He was not showing off, this was different.He was letting everyone know that he was worth something. He was reminding himself and those around him that he had something to offer.

I think the reason this moment carried so much weight for me today, was because sometimes I forget who I am.

Sometimes I doubt my talents, I insecurely forget about them. I focus on the things I cannot do, and allow other’s successes to become my failures.

I believe with all my heart that I have something to offer this world, but I lack the boldness of a 6 year old who informs his entire social network at group time, that he is indeed a “great painter.”

I want to be someone that knows what they were created for.

I want to see my friends come alive in the things that only they can do.

I want you to know that a 6 year old boy knows he is a great painter.

Because we were all 6 once.

And some of us have forgotten what we are great at

Maybe today you need to be reminded that you are as great at something,

as my 6 year old friend is at painting.

And my friend is a really great painter,

just ask him.