I usually don’t write about my job much on this blog, only my thoughts.

But today I wanted to write my thoughts…

About my job.

The other night I received the following text from an anonymous number

(I knew it was someone I should know, but I was too afraid to ask who, until later)

The text read:

“Question. Why middle school? For you…What draws you to them specifically? answer whenever…just wondering.”

I decided to write back the best I could, and so here is a bit of what I wrote and a little bit more that I forgot to mention.

Hope you enjoy.

What draws me to them?

Great question.

Many would say that I am crazy.

Some would say that I am just using this position as a stepping stone until I become a little more mature and can be in high school ministries.

Some think I am not capable of doing anything better.

Besides the crazy part, I disagree.

I do Middle School Ministries because it is their last glimpse of innocence

They are children when they enter and they exit as complicated teenagers.

They are testing limits and figuring out personalities.

they are strange.

And I absolutely love it!

I love seeing an awkward kid get welcomed into the group

I love seeing over confident, sporty kids lose at something…only to realize life is bigger than sports.

I love the quiet kid who engages the entire time I speak, as he sits in the chaos that is around him in the other chairs.

I love how the girls constantly care about whether I am dating someone or not, and giggle when I ask about their dating life.

I love the boy who is playing games on his iphone in the back, and thinks that I think he is reading his YouVersion bible.

I love the way they laugh.

I love when a student asks to read the scripture.

I love the way they remember things that I forget

I love when they ask “Why?”

I love the look on their faces when I go to a game or school event that their families didn’t show up for.

I love waiting with the last kid, who is embarrassed because his parent is late again.

I love remembering their names

I love the cards and pictures they make for me

I love when I can be there for them.

And in all of this, God is constantly reminding me that in loving all these things, he is making me into something better,

something that points to Him.

I love who they are making me become.

Yes, there are days I want to leave it all and just go be a selfish college student, but God loves me and these students too much to allow me to do something stupid like that.

They are drawing me to him,

and in that

I am drawn to them.

I hope this answers your question.

P.S. Who is this again?